For students enrolled in the college class, complete the template and then submit your assignment to Canvas.

Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

Most scholarships require three letters of recommendation. First identify three people (professor, counselor, high school principal, employer) and ask if they feel comfortable writing a letter on your behalf. Then follow up with a letter which includes the guidelines, a personal statement, transcripts and a copy of the scholarship if you have one.

My Monthly Budget

Although the focus of the Scholarship Class is to find money for college, managing your money is a very important part of being able to afford a college education. The monthly budget sheet will help to get you on track.

Personal Data Form

When requesting a Letter of Recommendation, submit a completed Personal Data Form; a copy of your transcripts; Guidelines for Writing a Letter; and scholarship requirements along with your request letter. This information will allow the recommender to write a credible letter on your behalf.

Request for Letter of Recommendation

Include this sheet when requesting a Letter of Recommendation. It is important that any documents written on your behalf have a professional appearance. If the writer of the letter does not demonstrate credibility, your application could be rejected.

Scholarship Organizer

This sheet is vital for organizing all of your scholarships. You have an immediate view of all of the scholarships that fit your profile. Without an easy reference, it is difficult to keep up with all of your research.

Scholarship Resume

This sheet is primarily used when requesting letters of recommendation. Not normally used in the actual scholarship application.

Status Sheet

A document to record and track information for each scholarship.

Thank You for Letter of Recommendation

Writing a thank you letter is critical—it is not only the polite thing to do if an organization has given you money, but the scholarship may be withheld if a thank you letter is not on file.