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When I received my first scholarship, little did I know one day I would develop a system to assist college students in paying for their education. When I graduated from high school, scholarships were not readily available, and the award that I received was a mere $100. I can’t even tell you how I found it or how I applied. I know that I was an average student then, but I was probably the only one who applied.

Presently, most scholarships are very competitive, but there are a number of instances when no one else has completed an application. Students should be encouraged to apply for scholarships even if they feel that there isn’t a chance. This website is to help assist you in finding money for college.

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In order to communicate in a language that students understand, the author has used Twitter lingo in her most recent scholarship book, #Scholarships150Tips.

As our lives move at a rapid pace and technology produces more information than we can digest, this hashtag version of her previous book,
Let Scholarships Pay the Way attempts to entice students.

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